Liberian Ministries
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Who We Are

Located in Sinoe County, Liberia, we are a team of Christians in America and Liberia who have joined together for the sole purpose of reaching the nation of Liberia for Jesus. We focus primarily on educating, training, and caring for children through our orphanage, school, and church.

Shadrach Saywon, along with his wife Gertrude, who are from Liberia, founded Liberian Ministries in 2003. Shadrach was captured twice by rebels during a civil war that broke out in Liberia in the early 1990s. On both occasions, Shadrach was sentenced to death, but miraculously was let go.

Shadrach came to the United States to receive theological training from the Baptist College of Florida for the sole purpose of returning to Liberia to feed and educate the children of Sinoe County.
The American Support Team is the liason between Liberia and the United States. They are charged with the responsibility of oversight of the ministry and fundraising for the ministry. The American Support Team is based out of Trinity Church in Geneva, Al and led by the Trinity Church pastor, Gene Hauser.
The American Support Team of Liberian Ministries is as follows: Gene Hauser- Team Leader, Max Pageant- Assistant Team Leader, David Wiggins, Charles Lewis,James Corbitt, Faye Smith- Secretary, and Allen Marsh- Information Technology 
American Support Team Contact Information
Gene Hauser (Team Leader)
                    -Facebook page: Click Here
                    -Cell: 334-797-2227
                     -Trinity Church: 334-684-1166
                      P.O. Box 787
                      Geneva, AL 36340