Liberian Ministries
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What We Do

L iberian Ministries operates the Willie N Wylie Memorial Baptist Children’s Village (named after Shadrach’s grandfather). At the village, we meet the needs of children by providing clothing, food, education at our school, and housing at our orphanage. Currently there are approximately 500 children at our school.

Our school operates within the guidelines of the Liberian Government. All of our teachers have college degrees, but work for little pay according to United State’s standards. Our students are not only educated in general curriculum, they are educated in God’s Word. Some of our students walk for hours just to come to school.

We have a church that meets once a week. Our church is for adults and children. While some of our church family live nearby in the bush, others will walk for miles.  Our people have a hunger for God's Word. We are doing our part in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by making disciples. Every few years we hosts crusades, where hundreds of men, women, and children will come from great distances to learn God's Word.

We have a store at the village that sells basic foodstuffs and medical supplies when we have enough money to purchase them to make them available. We also have an old army truck that we hire out for delivery to generate more revenue.